Could These Be the Best Dwarf Models Ever Made?!

Holy guacamole, I genuinely never, ever thought there would be a day when Dwarf models got this good.

Imagine taking the individuality of each Dwarf featured in The Hobbit, personalising them even further and then creating them as unique, intricately detailed models to suit any type of fantasy table top game.

I’m talking about Mordheim, Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Skirmish, The 9th Age and everything in between. These Dwarf minis are 28mm scale, posed like individual characters and packed full of beautiful details.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s these stunningly-designed Dwarf models from Atlantis Miniatures – here’s a quick photo of one that I’ve painted so far with the other 9 bagged up and ready for assembly:


What’s the casting like?

High quality, made from shockingly easy to clean resin and really, really simple to put together. I’m going to make a statement right now and I doubt I’ll ever have my mind changed… and it’s that these are by far the most detailed, beautifully sculpted Dwarf models I’ve ever come across. Ever!


And the price?

Okay so right now, these bad boys can be purchased for £40 with a special discount via the Atlantis website (and on their Facebook page). That works out at £4 per resin model, which at first glance might seem a little more expensive than some cheaper casts on the market (Mantic), but you’re actually getting 10 unique, character-worthy models at this price point.

To put that into perspective for you; buying 10 models cast in Resin from Games Workshop at this level would cost well over £100. And to be honest, I’ve not come across a single model in the GW range that boasts the clarity, crispness and attention to detail that these Dwarfs do.

The closest price that I can see to these Dwarfs are the Infernal Guard Ironsworn on the Forgeworld website, but they come in at £45 permanently (unless they increase in the future). And what would you get from those models? 10 Chaos Dwarf minis armed in the same way, in the same pose and better suited to rank and file combat… which isn’t an option for most players outside of Mantic’s Kings of War.

My favourite things

If you’re looking for a warband, a unique looking unit for your army, or a group of dwarfs for a skirmish battle – please, please consider these ones from Atlantis. I have been a follower, collector and fan of Dwarfs for about 20 years now and as great as other models might be, I always longed for a group that looked every-inch the adventuring, axe swinging treasure hunters that we see in Thorin’s company (The Hobbit).

These Dwarfs aren’t just that, they are so individually detailed, posed and finished that I’ve already pencilled in my new warband for Mordheim based on their sculpts. For those wondering, their supplied bases are 28mm and measure 3mm in height.

Modelling possibilities

If you’re really feeling adventurous, then some of the arms can be swapped with others and although you might have to modify one or two to get their ‘replacement’ weapons to fit, the great thing is that the resin is easy to manage, pliable and can be drilled/ pinned in a matter of minutes.

These are also just one of the sets of Dwarfs offered by Atlantis – there are female alternatives, a ‘hero’ box and a number of riders and mounts in the same style. I want them so badly I feel like offering Dan at Atlantis one of my lungs. He can have both in exchange!


The painting process

For the model that’s featured on this page, I spent 25-30 minutes cleaning up the minimal mold lines, gave him a quick wash in warm-water to remove any grease from the resin and then dedicated a week to painting him (16 hours in total).

I loved the varying layers of leather, so opted to give the boots and protective parts a dark, deep leather colour to represent its hardened/ thickened nature. For the clothing parts I went for a lighter colour and then gently introduced a hybrid of the two for the hanging robe and other elements.

I wanted to limit my palette for realism AND because this isn’t a dwarf that’s dressing to chat-up the ladies – he’s ready for combat with his soon to be fellow warband-members.

My final thoughts

Honestly guys and girls, I feel like somewhat of a Dwarf connoisseur and I need to give Atlantis huge props for pulling these stunning casts out of the bag – I’m already planning on picking up the riders for when I expand this warband into a small army.

The detail on these guys is so clean and crisp that painting each segment becomes an enjoyable activity. The wooden shield is so realistically cast, with individual knots and grazes sculpted into the wood for extra authenticity.


The armour sits as it should, the beard bulbs and braids have their own detailing and although I opted to paint this Dwarf with a bruised eye, scarring and other facial details – you could simply follow your paint brush and keep him as clean or rugged as you want!


2 thoughts on “Could These Be the Best Dwarf Models Ever Made?!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words mate. I agree – for armies, heavy armour makes sense. For skirmish games, leather is likely the way to go. If I had to choose between these dwarf models from Atlantis and the ones from GW, the Atlantis ones would win hands down every single time

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