A Chaos Dwarf is Still a Dwarf… Right? – Guest Post by Oleg

I hate Chaos. It’s chaotic and hard to get anything done. I like harmony, or at least the sound of a hammer on an anvil in my daily life. When I’m not enjoying a spot of blacksmithing, you all know how much I love my dwarfs – but for this post, I have something a little different for you courtesy of my dear friend, Oleg.

He loves Chaos and I don’t judge him for it. A dwarf is a dwarf after all and so without further ado, I present the following guest post from Oleg, based on his experience with Russian Alternative – a miniature manufacturing company based in, you guessed it… Russia!

Hello everyone! My name is Oleg and I’m from Ukraine. I’m a very big fan of Chaos Dwarves. Once A Dawi and I met on Facebook and as he’s a fan of dwarves, we got on instantly. Maybe one day we can fight with our armies, good dwarves vs evil dwarves.

But today I want to tell you about my brilliant new miniatures that I bought about 3 weeks ago. Like any fan of Chaos Dwarves, I was searching for somewhere to expand my collection from. I purchased some models from Forgeworld, but they weren’t quite the ‘Babylonian/ Persian’ style that I’m really in to.

I’d heard about Russian Alternative in Moscow and decided to contact them on Facebook. The owner of the company took a while to respond, but when he did he sent me a big package of minis to enjoy. Here’s a look at them:

It took 17 days for the delivery, but it was totally worth the wait. Now I have my hands on these stunning white resin minis, I can’t wait to get them cleaned up and painted. The resin is very hard, a lot like plastic but far more detailed. Side by side, the models are almost the exact same height and proportions of the Games Workshop and Forgeworld Dwarf minis.

The quality is fantastic and easily on par with Forgeworld’s resin casts. The price is also very affordable and I’d recommend them to anyone that likes the traditional style and appearance of Chaos Dwarves. They come with 20mm square, detailed resin bases as well, which is a nice bonus for the price.


All praise Hashut [note from Once A Dawi – nope!]

Thanks very much, Oleg – the models look fantastic.

Just a Couple of Clean Shots

One of the greatest things about this hobby is getting the chance to paint incredibly detailed miniatures.

In the past, I haven’t had much luck with resin, so between 2012 and 2017 I pretty much stopped trying to work with it. Recently, I had the privilege of seeing just how far resin casting has come – namely with the Mansion Keeper (Ogre) from Shieldwolf Miniatures and the Dwarf Male Unit from Atlantis Miniatures.

After speaking with Dan over at Atlantis, who’s been kind enough to send the aforementioned dwarfs my way (and another selection due to arrive soon), we thought it might be a good idea to get a few shots of the dwarf minis that I’ve painted so far.

And so without further ado, here they are:

Dwarf 2Dwarf 1

When painting these models, I knew what I intended them for; Mordheim. With a couple of snips here and there, I managed to convert the minis in a way that would suit their purpose ideally, without detracting from the original castings (which if I’m honest are simply phenomenal).

You might notice the different skin tones. I used a greyer tone for the dual-hammer wielding dwarf, and a warmer hue for the hammer and shield bearer, simply to differentiate their exposure to the elements, careers outside of fighting and so on. For the latter mini, I wanted to give him a bruised and battered look, so his left eye is closed and swollen, whilst the rest of his face features scars, cuts and old wounds.

I did follow the guidance of one of my personal heroes; Alan O’Bryan who suggested utilising the same colour palette to tie models together – and the above are my results.


Don’t Be Such a Square – Warhammer Fantasy News

A couple of days ago, I posted some work on my rank and file Dwarfs for use with Kings of War. Today, I learnt via Warhammer Community that Warhammer Fantasy Battles will be returning in the next 36+ months. And how do I feel? I don’t know yet.

What We Know So Far

  • According to Warhammer Community, Games Workshop have been missing the lore, setting and atmosphere of the Old World; so much so that they’ve put a dedicated team of game designers, researchers and WFB enthusiasts together to create a semblance of the World That Was.
  • It will be the job of this team to re-imagine the Old World in a way that breathes new life in to WFB
  • The game is expected to be released no sooner than in 3 years time, which is why I’m not sure how I feel. Would I have preferred to have not been told anything right now? Yes. Does this change anything for the community? Probably – but only because it leaves us floating for 3 years, when this should in fact be exciting news that doesn’t exactly feel like it
  • Many of us have invested a small fortune into switching to Age of Sigmar, and now it’s being suggested that square could be where it’s at again

Why Could This Change the Community?

Why wouldn’t it, my friends? Since 2015, fans of the Old World have been presented with a few options.

  1. Get on board with Age of Sigmar in a new setting and with a different style of play
  2. Join one of the other communities trying to keep WFB alive (namely 9th Age)
  3. Move on to a new gaming system entirely

Anyone that dared moan that they missed the Old World would typically be hounded by AoS players, whilst newer players to the game really can’t comprehend the World That Was at all and so don’t understand the fuss. If I had to put it in to perspective – imagine falling in love with a movie franchise like Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, watching the films time and time again and becoming engrossed in Middle Earth; only to be told that J.R.R. Tolkien used to skin cats. It stains something that was beloved on a deep, emotional level. He didn’t used to skin cats by the way.

What Do I Feel?

As many of my readers will understand, it wasn’t so much the game play of Warhammer Fantasy, it was the world itself. It was a huge place with trolls under bridges, dwarves inside their underground keeps, Empire soldiers encountering untold horrors and an atmosphere of creepiness, old-school magic and ghoulish tales.

For me, it’s never been all about the war-gaming side of things. It wasn’t about huge armies facing off over the course of an evening; it was the setting itself that was taken and in turn left a huge hole in my hobby.

Sure, I could try and continue to stay involved with the veteran community, but like I said – gaming wasn’t my priority. For me, I feel like when they destroyed the Old World, they took a huge presence in my life filled with haunted castles, overgrown forests and cobblestone streets, and tried to replace it with magical discs of elemental madness in the form of Age of Sigmar.

Unless you knew the World That Was; it’s likely that you won’t fully understand the magnitude of destroying something that was so dear to so many of us.

What Should We Expect?

So far, we know that the intention is to create something akin to the Horus Heresy, but for the fantasy setting. That means a game that takes place in the past, wholly within the Old World setting; before the Age of Sigmar began.

So now I have to decide what to make of that.

Will it be comfortable to play a game when I already know how the story ends (with the destruction of the Old World)? I enjoy Mordheim, which has been destroyed mercilessly several times in its history, so perhaps.

And it would be nice to go back to a little rank and file, I suppose.

What bothers me the most is that they’ve announced this in November, 2019 when we won’t see the game or relevant releases until at least 2022. So I’ll probably stick with what I have on the cards right now and see how I feel in a few years time.

It would be great to see rank and file back on the table, even with improvements to game-play. I’m a fan of the Warhammer World and if they can come up with a way to bring it back without the whole ‘take part in legendary battles that meant nothing because the world dies’ way, I’ll get on board.

If not, my little slice of the Old World in the form of Mordheim will entertain me well in to the future, I hope.